As Teya Tekstil, in addition to supporting a sustainable environmental policy, we also contribute to a livable and nature-friendly world. In this sense, we adopt a sustainable and environmentally friendly mission not only in the production phase but also in the use of energy resources. We care about respect for the environment in every aspect of our business and we are proud to be a company that protects our nature and contributes to the future, including all our employees. In this way, we are building our future today in order to take a step towards a better tomorrow, and we support sustainability policies both locally and globally by closely following them.

We have adopted sustainability as a culture of Teya Tekstil with our innovative solutions for nature and our environment. In this sense, we are proud of being an environmentally sensitive company by regularly calculating our carbon footprint in order to minimize our carbon dioxide emissions resulting from all our activities. In order to make the greatest contribution to a sustainable world, we show the necessary sensitivity to leave a green world to the future, together with all our employees who add value to Teya Tekstil.

Teya Tekstil supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. You can access detailed information by clicking the button below.